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Here comes Helix Ultimate alpha!

by on22 January 2018
It’s 2018 already and the countdown has begun for the biggest release of the year, Helix Ultimate.

It’s 2018 already and the countdown has begun for the biggest release of the year, Helix Ultimate. The product you loved so much, the tool you awaited so long, is here. Our developers were on a marathon to bring amazing features to your beloved Helix framework. The wait is now over and today we are going to release the alpha version of Helix Ultimate.

Enjoy the ultimate development experience with Helix Ultimate!

In Helix Ultimate, new technologies dictate everything. It’s time to embrace the new track of Joomla template development with Helix Ultimate. The box of helix ultimate is filled with lots of excitements and surprises. We have introduced a whole new system in Helix with this release. From the super functional layout building system to every new tool in the latest admin interface, you will enjoy the touch of smart and elegant web development. The experience with Helix Ultimate will be a supreme one.

Now let’s shed some light on the core features of Helix Ultimate.

  • Developed with Bootstrap 4
  • New admin interface
  • Mega menu builder
  • New layout builder
  • SVG logo options
  • New preset style options
  • Simple media manager

Developed with Bootstrap 4

Helix Ultimate is developed using Bootstrap 4. The incredibly powerful version of Bootstrap now has the most advanced functionalities. Along with Bootstrap 4, Helix Ultimate offers amazingly fast performance. To be exact, it is 2x faster than the previous helix frameworks.

New admin interface

We have introduced a totally new admin interface with Helix Ultimate. The new admin interface has more UX friendly functionalities and accesses. The interface is designed using the modern and trendy flat design concept. Its hub of admin panel will let you have quick accesses to various development features of Helix Ultimate. The admin interface is now totally frontend based. While developing your site you can see the modifications and changes live.

Mega menu builder

Many of the professional sites today require a mega menu. To equip you with this, we are going to introduce a powerful mega menu builder with Helix Ultimate. You can add row and column based menu, also drag and drop the modules to the menu positions from the modules list. The mega menu builder offers you numerous layouts to start developing the mega menu of your site.

New layout builder

The layout builder of Helix Ultimate is completely different from that of the previous versions. The frontend based layout builder lets you develop your site structure in the shortest possible time. While adding rows you will be offered lots of complex layout structures to assemble your contents in your desired way.

SVG logo option

An SVG logo is everyone’s choice nowadays for faster loading. Many of you wanted SVG logo option in Helix Ultimate. Here you go, we have added the option for you. Now you can add SVG logos to your sites using Helix Ultimate.

New preset style option

We have enhanced the functionalities of preset styling in Helix Ultimate. Now you can modify every section’s preset color individually. This gives you more flexibility in developing your site exactly according to your design requirements.

Simple media manager

This is one of the cool features that we have added to Helix Ultimate. Forget the traditional way to media management. We have added a brand new media manager to Helix ultimate to manage your media files smarter.

More features on the way

Blog options

We promised to provide more blog options with Helix Ultimate that would empower you to present contents in the most attractive way. We have prepared them and now testing. These features will be live in the beta version.

Header variations

You will be able to enjoy the header variation feature in the coming versions of Helix Ultimate. The feature is in QA testing right now.

N.B. This is the alpha release. It can be buggy and some promised features are missing at this moment. But all will be fixed before the final release and all the features will be added.

So, this is Helix Ultimate alpha version. We are working hard to improve it more and finally release an amazing product. We welcome you all to test Helix Ultimate and send us the feedback. Don't worry about the issues, all will be fixed before the final release. Together we will make Helix Ultimate a product we all will be proud of. Meanwhile stay with us and enjoy Helix Ultimate.

System requirements

  • Joomla 3.8
  • PHP 5.6 or more
  • Fresh Joomla installation

Installation tips

After installing Helix Ultimate, You have to make it your default template. Then go to Template Options > Save. 

Helix Ultimate Installation Tips

Don't use Helix Ultimate alpha in any of your live sites. Install it only with a fresh Joomla instance.

Take Helix ultimate to a test drive now

Release timeline

  • Release of Alpha version--> January 10, 2018
  • Release of Beta version--> January 16, 2018
  • Release of RC version--> January 19, 2018
  • Release of Stable version--> January 25, 2018
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