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by on02 November 2017

Free and Commercial Joomla Extensions covering Auction, eCommerce, Social Community and Content Management Solutions. Joomla Components developed for the Joomla Community.

Blog Factory is a FREE, user and webmaster friendly blogging extension for Joomla, with a native and fresh look. Packing up various features, it is a brilliant alternative to Wordpress blogging, allowing you to use Joomla versatility and well known blogging conventions like RSS Syndication, Bookmarking Sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Facebook Wall like Joomla Extension helps you create a community website where users can collaborate, share messages, news, videos, images freely. This extension can be easy used also in intranets where teams are posting news about their jobs and company news.

Feedback Factory - a JOOMLA Extension that allows you to add UserVoice similar functionality to your website.

RSS Factory, helps you integrate RSS/Atom Feeds into your website.

RSS Context Factory is a Joomla! module that allows you to attach relevant news articles to your website based on specific keywords that are used to search for feeds.

SEO Keyword Factory will allow to create and maintain a search engine friendly website, by building and saving keyword-rich URLs for a better search engine relevance.

Spam Protection Factory reads the login form before it is submitted to Joomla! and takes appropriate action based on its configuration.

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