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DigiCom - Digital Commerce for Joomla

by on09 April 2015

DigiCom is the first Digital Commerce for Joomla and the key focus of this component is to provide such a software that enable you to quickly and easily setup your own marketplace in a minute.

DigiCom features in a nutshell :

    Sell single and bundle product. Bundle multiple product or category
    Built-in file manager, of-course Drag&Drop
    Download manager
    Extensive reporting
    Customer management
    Order management
    Discount management
    Emain templating
    Payment Integration such as Paypal(core), 2co(add-ons), Stripe(add-ons) and more

Important Instruction

The DigiCom beta is under development and continuously being updated for reported bugs. We highly recommend you not to use DigiCom beta for production sites. Throughout the beta changes will be frequently made that could require you complete installation or reconfiguration of DigiCom component again and again.

Additional Info

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