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Guestbook component for Joomla!

by on18 May 2015

Easybook Reloaded is a user friendly and feature rich guestbook component for Joomla!


  • Full administration from the Front-end
  • E-Mail notification with hashlinks (edit without login)
  • Unlimited guestbook instances on one Joomla! website
  • Powerful spam protection - arithmetical problem, time lock, self-defined question, block IP addresses (with range), maximum number of links, time lock for the same IP address, Akismet support, native support for the plugin EasyCalcCheck Plus
  • ACL - select you own groups to set rights
  • Introtext - can be loaded from language file (multilingual)
  • GeSHi Syntax Highlighting
  • BBCode
  • Smilies - different smiley sets
  • Automatic Word-wrap
  • Moostar - Rating function with 3 styles
  • Options to fill in various direct messaging services
  • Badword filter with a pre-defined list of English, German and Russian words
  • 3 different templates
  • Sorting of the entries
  • Set custom admin comment name
  • Backlink / Logo can be disabled
  • and many more!

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