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by on22 February 2016

ZOO, a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content. ZOO provides a much improved Joomla experience.

The key feature is the ability to create your very own custom content types. You bring the content, ZOO brings the elements to structure it and make it look good!

Powerful Features

Custom Types

  • Create your own custom content types to create all the items you need like articles, movies or different product types.
  • Element Library
  • Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more to build you custom types.

Template Manager

Arrange your content via drag & drop! Just assign the elements to layout positions in pre-built templates.

Widgetkit Integration

Combine the power of ZOO and Widgetkit to create slideshows, galleries and accordions based on ZOO items.

Comment System

Built-in nested comments with spam protection and support for Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook.

Tag System

Managing your tags is a breeze with text suggestions, auto completion and multiple selections.

Frontend Submission

Use our drag & drop form builder to let your users submit content from the frontend of your website.

Frontend Editing

Trusted authors can review and manage created content directly from the frontend of your website.


Automatically import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components.

Additional Info

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