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Fill It Up (for Joomla) [v1.0.0]

by on29 March 2016

Fill It Up for Joomla is a handy free extension to mass generate content & users in Joomla.

You have the choice of easily creating your own set of re-usable dummy content (essentially made up of sets of images, links and embed snippets) or you can use third-party sets, curated by other users.

By using Fill It Up you speed up the initial development process until actual, proper content is in place.

It's that simple. Really :)

That's why it only took a few minutes to do the initial set up for this site:

Fill It Up for Joomla can generate: Joomla articles, K2 items (with comments & rich media) and Joomla users. In the future we plan on adding content adapters so more Joomla extensions are supported out of the box.

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