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Email Scheduler

by on29 December 2016

Within the EmailScheduler you can send out mails in a clean and convenient way: Mails can be styled using reusable templates, at the date and time you want them to be sent.


When sending emails from within the Joomla! backend, there are various issues you will face: Emails are sent directly (instead of with a slight delay); You can only send mail to other users; The PHP mail() function might cause a small delay in your PHP script execution; Styling of the emails is hard. The EmailScheduler extension is designed to solve all that.

Edit your mails easily

Using the GUI of EmailScheduler, you can quickly create a new mail and send it to an user. Easy editing: Use your favorite WYSIWYG-editor; Support for images included Delay sending: Select the time & date you want to mail to be sent Templating support: Style the emails you are sending in any way you like


The EmailScheduler extension contains a simple API-class - conveniently called EmailScheduler - which allows third party extensions to easily hook into this extension. See our online EmailScheduler API guide for details. Currently, the EmailScheduler extension can already be used together with the Joomla core, MageBridge and HikaShop, but more extensions will follow. Plugins are very easy to write by extending custom parent classes.

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