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Joomla Markdown Editor

by on26 April 2017

Joomla Markdown Editor with an extensive range of simplicity is able to highly save your time.

It allows you to select text then uses Parsedown and Markdown Extra Extension libraries to parse it instantly with GitHub flavor. Its absolutely simpler than you think.

Are you bored with coding? But you own a site and still don’t even interested to learn the essential Markdown tags & syntax that is must in order to run a Joomla site, thought you know. Since in Joomla, Tiny MCE is selected as the default editor and there is no other way except using markdown syntax to apply custom style in the text contents.

Sometimes, it becomes the reason of consuming so much time that doesn’t supposed to take. Now, after concerning and experiencing all of these, probably, you are hoping for a way that can release you from this trouble. Here is the solution. Joomla Markdown Editor cleverly can handle all of these. It allows you to represents your text contents exactly how you want, without using absolutely no markdown syntax. Let's go through little more regarding our smart Markdown Editor.

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